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The right technology.

DST supports the full range of defined contribution plan types and delivering the flexibility, controls, and capacity to manage business models, products, and services. Fully branded online portals help users to manage content and communications, integrate tools and data, and simplify administration. Our solutions help plan sponsors enable retirement readiness, improve outcomes and better serve their clients.

Our platform development approach focuses on four key objectives:

  • Deliver a complete, best-in-class technology solution
  • Provide flexibility so you can control technology integration points
  • Tailor services or features using our disciplined approach
  • Enable speed-to-market through continuous development cycles

We employ a layered approach, integrating between our core infrastructure (Platform-as-a-Service) and our web interface layer that provides you with the ability to fully brand the web, manage content and communications as well as easily integrate tools and data. All of these support concepts that allow you to focus on what is important – areas of differentiation, high-touch services or your value proposition.

This unique approach to developing and delivering the right technology has helped our clients streamline their entery into new market segments as well as enhance or expand their current product offering.

Out-of-the-box flexibility

Because we know that each client is different, we offer flexible solutions. To bring that flexibility to life, we have designed our platform using a single-source code, rules-based engine. This allows us to setup a client’s product based on their rules and requirements. Any changes or enhancements to the product can be made just once and spread throughout. It also eliminates the need for managing expensive upgrades and releases.

The system is 100 percent configurable leveraging that rules-based design. It provides flexibility and ease to manage your business models, products and services. You benefit from a streamlined, efficient process.

Plus, you can leverage our fully integrated solution or plug-and-play modules to enable proprietary integration as needed through our flexible, custom integrated model.

You also control the offering that best meets your needs. You define specific product, services and features during the initial establishment of programs. You benefit from an easy-to-configure process to support multiple products.

The ability for you to control and define specific products, services and features gives you the flexibility to support your business as it grows and evolves.

Our infrastructure, using a rules-based, single-source code platform, gives you:

  • Flexibility to support any size plan
  • Easy control access and security
  • Crucial capacity on-demand from our state-of-the-art data centers

Our web strategy is designed to drive outcomes, simplify administration and enable retirement readiness. To achieve this, we enhance the user experience by giving them a user-centric but simple design. They get access to relevant and actionable data. And they get helpful, rich planning features such as retirement modeling and calculators. Our web solutions are designed to be best-in-class user experiences that move beyond transactional needs and focus on outcome-driven behavior using technology to communicate, collaborate and influence behavior for targeted audiences to drive loyalty.

Audience Types

Our web strategy focuses on all audience types; providers, participants, plan sponsors, advisors, TPAs and other constituents. The approach starts with the most fundamental layer, participant data. Ultimately, customers have a “book-of-business” view into the data by audience type.


Our web strategy also enables our customer to proactively communicate with your customers. Communications can be targeted to your customers, personalized and delivered in the method that best suits your needs.


You maintain your biggest asset, your brand. You can provide and manage content, your brand and logo on participant, plan sponsor and our third-party website (myPLANnetwork®). You can conduct marketing campaigns, highlight your marketing collateral such as videos, and use tools to help your clients get the education they need to achieve their retirement goals.

Technology Flexibility

We provide the flexible technology to focus on key target audiences, working to educate them as well as develop strong brand loyalty. Within our web strategy, you can easily focus communications and features to groups such as:

  • Participants
  • Plan sponsors
  • Advisors
  • TPAs
  • Consultants
  • Payroll providers
  • ERISA attorneys
  • Auditors
  • Trustees
  • DCIO providers

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