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Plan Administration

No two clients are alike.

Your needs are unique. DST’s business processing services support plans of all sizes with a wide range of flexible outsourcing service options. You select the services that fit your needs, including plan administration, implementation and plan design, participant call center, compliance and fiduciary services, transaction processing, mail and imaging, and other back office support services. Our flexible solutions serve as an extension of your business and allow you to focus on your core capabilities. Each client chooses which functions and services to retain and which can be outsourced to us. This creates a multitude of combinations. This is why no two clients are alike on our platform.

We believe that you know your business best. You can choose which services you want us to perform at any time. Depending on your needs, you choose when to turn functions or services on or off. You can choose to have us handle all servicing or you may have us perform more back-office type functions. You can choose Software as a Solution (SaaS) model in which you can take advantage of our leading-edge core technology platform as well as our web and channel access. You can also add BPO solutions to the mix.

Client services support:

  • Day-to-day plan administration
  • Plan design implementation
  • Compliance testing and 5500
  • Participant call center
  • Billing
  • Prototype plan documents
  • Employee and employer communications
  • Fiduciary services
  • Advice and guidance
  • ERISA legal consulting

Back-office services and tools:

  • Mail and imaging
  • Transaction processing
  • Statements and confirmations
  • Trading
  • Revenue sharing administration
  • Dedicated IT development resources
  • Check writing and tax reporting

Supporting your brand through interactions with your clients is critical to our success—we only grow when our clients grow.

Regardless of the service model you choose, we are committed to providing best-in-class service. We know you are entrusting us with your brand and reputation. That’s why service and the ability to measure quality of service is so critical to our approach. To ensure that we are providing the service you need, we measure satisfaction. Client satisfaction can be measured in a number of different ways, from the way we engage, to the technology that we employ.

We measure ourselves annually by using an independent, third-party survey firm. This provides the ability to benchmark ourselves against industry averages or competitors.

We partner with you and external vendors to obtain the “voice of the customer”. Historically, in many key categories measured, we have achieved “best in class” results.

Below are a few comments that illustrate how our service has enhanced our clients’ brands.

“As a relatively new HR manager at my firm, and never having had to know the ins and outs of a 401k, I really appreciate how much time was put into making sure I stay on top of reporting, even walking me through each step, recommending webinars, and always being so quick to follow up with me.”

“He (the customer service representative) was very proactive and informative. He held my hand when I needed it to be to help me understand some of the more technical provisions that needed to be amended. Most of all he was professional and prompt.”

“Throughout the process, she (the customer service representative) kept us, the advisors, the new provider and the TPA updated by e-mail communications and through conference calls. She was thorough in her communications and always professional in her conduct.”

In this day and age, outsourcing can be a daunting thought—potential loss of operational control, perceived impact on the brand, etc. Yet, on the other hand, budgets and margins are tight, there's greater competition from a pricing standpoint and it's harder to differentiate products and services so outsourcing to a partner with the right technology and the scale to handle transactions, calls, mail or other operations can make sense.

As an outsourcing ally, we provide:

Flexibility: Proving you various outsourcing options to meet your needs.

Scale: Using technology, processes and people to handle large volumes across business lines.

Customer Satisfaction: Delivering service excellence to promote your brand.

Efficiency: Leveraging technology to promote self-service, intelligent routing and quality control.

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