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Compliance & Fiduciary Services

Mitigate risk and exposure

The Department of Labor’s continued efforts to alter or add retirement plan regulatory requirements leave retirement plan providers, advisors, and third party administrators scrambling to keep their plan administration and communications compliant. In addition to the regulatory challenges, recent years of a volatile stock market have resulted in an increased demand by sponsors to support a variety of fund types with competitive rates of return to give participants a mixture of investment options that can help make plan participation appealing and retirement goals attainable.

Plan providers, advisors, and third party administrators are looking for a partner to successfully support various plan types administration, compliance, and retirement plan education. DST helps them stay competitive in the marketplace with solutions and services that can lighten this workload, create efficiencies, and save time and money so they can focus on building business. DST helps plan sponsors fulfill their ERISA-mandated fiduciary responsibilities more efficiently and accurately through integration of the participant records with the testing application. DST helps protect participants while mitigating risk and exposure for sponsors.

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