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Healthcare Solutions

dst healthcareReshaping the healthcare landscape

In today’s competitive and evolving healthcare marketplace, we recognize that being average isn’t good enough.  Regardless of the service you provide, you must deliver exceptional solutions and quality care, while controlling costs.  With DST Healthcare, you will have a powerful set of tools that will assist you in achieving these goals  -- while also streamlining operations and accelerating business growth.


In today’s marketplace, the key to success is controlling administrative costs while improving customer satisfaction and health outcomes. To achieve this you need more than a software vendor. You need:

  • Knowledgeable people who understand your business
  • Innovative approaches for supporting your processes and workload
  • Flexible, functionally-rich information technology and services that meet your requirements
  • Effective solutions that allow you to get more work done in less time

Learn more about our Payer/Provider Solutions.

Combining the support of a pharmacy benefits manager with freedom of choice, Argus delivers a unique alternative to typical pharmacy benefits management with a full complement of solutions to support Healthcare Reform outcomes.

Our customizable approach allows flexibility in selection and extent of services while our customers are in control of all clinical and business decisions that affect their business. Argus provides quality solutions for pharmacy benefit management needs, including the ability to use online configurable Conditions and Outcomes to administer complex benefit set-ups, and the ability to batch load data with preliminary and robust reporting capability.

Our experience in pharmacy benefit analytics comes from more than 28 years of innovation, enhancement, and relationship-building in the healthcare industry. Argus is a leading independent provider of healthcare information management services, supporting commercial, Medicare Part D, and Managed Medicaid through a fully transparent business model.  Argus continues to be an innovator in providing solutions in the Pharmacy Benefit field.

Learn more about how Argus Health Systems, Inc. is reshaping the healthcare landscape.

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