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SolutionsDynamic technology trends, on-demand access to information, physical location independency, and the pressing urgency to do more with less culminate into a need for experienced and knowledgeable resources to help you meet your business objectives.





Application Development

Our approach is designed to help you reduce software development costs and time-to-market. Clients trust us to monitor applications for high availability and capacity by implementing process-driven production support activities. Our associates have rich experience with application development, support and testing. Our services are designed to deliver the solutions you need — beginning with requirements definition, architecture consulting, development testing and project management. Our solutions can help you:

  • Understand, gather and analyze requirements of business applications.
  • Assess and evaluate application, product and enterprise architecture and recommend solutions based on industry benchmarks and best practices.
  • Provide expert project management mitigating risks associated in meeting project goals and objectives. 
  • Deliver cost-effective benefits and improve time-to-market.
  • Provide context-specific process improvement solutions based on industry standard quality management frameworks.

Data and Information Management

Clients rely on our expertise in data modeling and architecture, data warehousing requirements and design. We deliver generic and customized report generation and data warehousing solutions such as source-to-destination data conversion, consolidation and data cleansing. Database services include design, development and maintenance of database objects, security administration and data scrambling and abstraction, backup and recovery execution, as well as a variety of other data-related services.

Migration and Reengineering

Our porting and migration services help our clients take advantage of cost effective alternatives and technology innovations. We help our clients take data and turn it into actionable and pertinent information. Our team brings considerable knowledge to the table, giving our customers peace of mind. We use Extract Transform Load (ETL) tools to effect data conversions and porting so our customers can get the data in the formats they need. 

Infrastructure Management

Our ‘follow-the-sun’ approach to infrastructure management and monitoring services helps you maximize your internal resources – we work while your staff sleeps. We also help you serve your clients by managing your IT infrastructure and help desk specific to your information security policies. These services can include:

  • Providing end to end remote infrastructure management including desktop support through automated tools, asset management, compliance checks, standard image creation and deployment and break fix support.
  • Managing your data center servers and storage infrastructure 24/7.
  • Performing capacity planning that involves provisioning of servers, storage, network, bandwidth and security infrastructure.
  • Providing help desk services to consistently and efficiently resolve incidents, requests and provide centralized reporting and communication on service events, actions and changes.

Process Outsourcing


We provide Business Process and transaction processing outsourcing services to help our clients manage fluctuating volumes and high-demand operations. We offer a complete range of processing services beginning with data capture and business-rule based transactions, to complex decision-making and knowledge-based services. Our associates hold various industry specific domain certifications and oversee processes using the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System.

We streamline back-office processes to reduce cost while effectively and efficiently managing complexity across areas like business and knowledge processes in various domains.

Our services include:

  • BPO for Healthcare (Provider and Payer)
  • BPO for Mutual Funds
  • BPO for Retirement Solutions
  • BPO for Sales and Marketing Back-office


Integrated Quality Consulting Services (IQCS)

In this age of rapid technological innovations and changes, an organization must continually improve its processes and leverage its effectiveness for business excellence.

The IQCS team prepares organizations to move towards business excellence through integrated model based software process improvement and internal audit services. IQCS has extensive professional experience to chart a value-added and sustainable process improvement program at your organization.

Some of the services provided by IQCS are:

  • Process documentation (QMS definition)
  • Process improvement consulting
  • People, process and operational assessments
  • Gap analysis services
  • Resource provisioning through quality outsourcing
  • Process deployment services
  • Measurement and analysis services
  • Model based Services (ISO 9001, ISO 27001, CMMI (Dev), CMMI (SVC), PCMM etc)

Service Models

We have built an engagement model that enables our clients to get the best solution for their business needs. Our service delivery can be on a fixed cost, time and material, or capacity model basis.

  • End-to-End Ownership
    This model uses significant resources to complete projects taking into account your policies and priorities.
  • This model involves ownership within a project, guiding and executing work in conjunction with your project team.
    Resource Augmentation
  • We can help you find the right balance by filling resource or project gaps in your organization.

We can deploy a mix of services to deliver turnkey solutions to meet your business needs. Alternatively, you can choose resources that are solely dedicated to you or use pooled resources, or a combination of the two. Our model also offers flexibility in work locations with services performed seamlessly from any of our global offices.

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