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Today’s businesses face complex operational challenges, including service delivery expectations, cost pressures and potential compliance breaches, due to poor operational efficiency.

AWD® is a highly scalable Business Process Management (BPM) solution used worldwide across banking, asset management, insurance, brokerage, healthcare, and retirement industries to help meet these challenges and deliver real competitive advantage.

With high transaction volumes spread across multiple clients, you need to be confident that complex tasks are being completed in a timely manner, in the right priority, and in compliance with trade regulations. At the same time, you must be able to handle rapid organic and acquisition growth while maintaining your customers’ confidence that their future is safe in your hands.

To be successful in today’s competitive environment, you will be challenged to:

  • Build trust and transparency
  • Pursue aggressive growth strategies
  • Deliver cost-effective technology and operations
  • Meet regulatory compliance
  • Do more with less
  • Address growing uncertainty among investors
  • Meet higher expectations from investors, regulators, industry partners and other stakeholders

The AWD Solution
AWD® helps you turn those challenges into huge opportunities by providing:

Work Allocation
Our rules-based routing helps ensure that the right work gets to the right person in the right priority.

Operational Transparency
AWD gives you the ability to continually monitor all aspects of your business. You’ll have the power to see what each employee is working on and how well individuals and departments are performing against goals.

Risk Control 
AWD can help ensure that work is performed accurately and in compliance with oversight laws and company guidelines. In addition, you’ll have the control you need to help avoid missteps, mistakes and customer dissatisfaction.

Ease of Integration
AWD offers dynamic and seamless integration with disparate platforms to aggregate the information you need to serve your customers successfully.

By integrating AWD into their operational processes, some of our clients have experienced noticeable performance improvements:

  • Up to 40% unit cost and productivity improvements
  • Up to 31% reduction in adjustment and corrections
  • Up to 23% improvement in advisor experiences
  • Up to 28% improvement in overall productivity
  • The ability to process significantly higher trade volumes
  • Global scaling to anticipate future requirements

The challenges facing the banking industry today include new and complex regulations, pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency, and the need to meet customer demands by developing and launching new products quickly.

AWD, our leading business process management (BPM) solution is designed to help you successfully meet these challenges. AWD can help provide banking organizations with the ability to achieve improved compliance, better cost control, and greater client satisfaction to more effectively achieve long-term business objectives.

Retail and Commercial Banking

Retail institutions are being pressured to cut costs, increase revenue, retain customers, and gain new ones within an environment that has even greater emphasis placed upon managing risk and compliance and rebuilding trust. The advent of online aggregators, and new regulations such as the Payments Council Account Switching initiative, has provided customers with instant access to information and the mechanism to quickly act upon it.

In response, organizations are striving to become as agile as possible, launching new products faster, serving customers better and responding quicker to changing market demands. However, for many retail institutions, delivering new capabilities and facilitating change from both an IT and operations perspective can present significant challenges.

The AWD Solution
AWD® is a leading business process management (BPM) solution for the financial services industry, deployed by many Tier 1 retail and commercial banking organizations globally. It is a single application designed to help banks address a number of critical business issues, including:

Improving Compliance

  • AWD’s intuitive rules engine helps firms define and apply consistent processes across the organization that can dynamically adapt to support changing regulatory and internal mandates. Rules can be applied at any level be it globally, locally or even on an individual basis giving you the control needed to help improve compliance and reduce risk.
  • Events, at all stages, are recorded in a full audit trail so that you have complete visibility over the processes that are critical to your business such as AML, KYC, and client reporting.

Reducing Costs and Optimizing Revenue

  • AWD delivers automation wherever possible, while providing guidance and context to users for those processes that require human intervention.
  • AWD’s rules engine will help identify prominent customer trends, enabling you to define strategies and processes to improve completion rates.
  • With automation and streamlined processes in place, you will have the ability to rapidly launch new products and respond to market demands faster.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

  • The business process engine is the core of the application, delivering the right work to the right people at the right time.
  • Combined with integration of core systems and 3rd party applications you can create a single view of customer data, correspondence and history for the customer representative, so that every customer interaction is pertinent and drives a positive experience.
  • With integrated content management facilities for the onward processing of customer communications received via paper, email, fax, phone, SMS or web form, you can deliver a truly multi-channel user experience.


Private Banking and Wealth Management

Recent years have been extremely difficult for the banking industry, in particular private banks. Falling asset prices, along with the near collapse of some of the world’s leading wealth managers, have created one of the most challenging periods in modern financial history.

In response to the uncertain environment, many banking customers have moved to less risky, more transparent instruments. In addition, the crackdown on offshore tax shelters by the government has made it very hard for private banks to make the case for a value proposition. As a result, private banking revenues have seen a drop of as much as 25-30% in many cases.

In light of these circumstances, it’s clearly time to re-visit existing client service models with the aim of restoring confidence while helping ensure compliance and cost-efficient service. As you face continuing pressure on costs and declining client trust, it’s more important than ever to demonstrate expertise in customer due diligence, risk profiling, asset allocation, and product selection. With revenues unlikely to increase for some time, it will be necessary to streamline your business model, improve your organizational design, and help reduce your overhead expenses.

The AWD Solution
AWD® provides an optimized processing platform that can help you enhance client relationships and maximize productivity. This business process management (BPM) solution from DST can integrate with core books and records systems while managing operations processes such as transfer in, regulatory reporting, error management, tax and payments. AWD is highly flexible and scalable, allowing it to be deployed globally and facilitate the ever-increasing number of cross-border transactions while helping improve compliance and reducing risk.

Our solution can help lower processing error rates and can also help dramatically reduce the time required to on-board a client. More importantly, AWD will help create a vastly improved customer experience, and give your clients instant access to the services they require.

In short, AWD can help provide the operational excellence you need to service your clients more effectively, from the moment of on-boarding to Relationship Manager selection to on-going compliance and client engagement.

Learn more about how AWD is used by private banks to assist specific functions including:


In today’s landscape of tight regulatory requirements, rising costs of funds, and increased governance, the process of lending to consumers and businesses has become more expensive and complex. When acquiring new customers, much of the revenue earned from charges, specifically on short-term arrangements, is spent setting up and administering accounts. Once customers are established, keeping them for the long term is challenging, with competitors constantly trying to lure them away with tempting offers, often facilitated through online third-party aggregators.

The AWD Solution
Used for both new-business acquisition and account servicing, AWD® helps provide you with a proven, scalable business process management solution. AWD can help you realize significant gains in operational efficiency and cost savings while helping you operate in a compliant, structured manner. AWD can be used through each stage of the loan application process, from loan origination and client information-gathering to loan documentation and drawdown. Its intuitive rules-based engine can help automatically distribute applications to the right people for analysis and approval.

In addition, AWD can help manage loans classification, credit sign-off authority, and identify legal and regulatory evidence requirements. AWD can also embed internal or third-party credit checks, supporting a credit process capability with best practice process design and fast-track delivery. Business Activity Monitoring can track real-time changes to customer information and create alerts, helping to ensure any issues are picked up and dealt with quickly and accurately. With the ability to identify trends in customer behavior, you can also use acquisition and retention mechanisms to help grow and maintain revenue. 

Learn more about how AWD is used by lenders to assist specific functions including:


The process for opening investment accounts has been made more complex with the introduction of stringent legislation, such as Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). Companies must demonstrate they have a thorough and auditable process in place to deal with these regulations while managing client due diligence with integrity.

The AWD Solution
AWD® provides a flexible, scalable solution for KYC and regulatory compliance. Its intelligent rules engine provides the ability to manage client classification and identify legal and regulatory evidence requirements across global jurisdictions. AWD’s agility means it can be adapted quickly to help meet new and ever-changing regulations. With a combination of strong reporting capabilities, straight-through processing, and location independence, AWD is designed to deliver a competitive advantage to leading investment management companies. Our solution has been implemented globally to support hedge fund administration and wealth management processes.

Learn more about how AWD is used by investment management companies to assist specific functions including: 


Investment Banking and Capital Markets

Investment banks and global capital markets are faced with a number of complex issues that threaten profitability and growth. The challenges include: declining availability of capital following Basel III legislation, restrictions on internationalization and proprietary trading, and the rising cost of regulatory compliance. As investors become increasingly concerned about receiving value, they are demanding even greater transparency of overall risk and performance. At the same time, regulatory processes are becoming more complex and operational costs continue to rise.

Making the right decisions in a timely manner is more important than ever to business success. It is critical for an organization to have business process management (BPM) solutions to address these current and future demands. The right solution will provide standardized global processes, a consistent client experience, and an integrated view of information across the organization. In addition, it will help provide the flexibility to adapt to changing market demands, meet regulatory requirements, and realize a significant competitive advantage.

The AWD Solution
AWD® is a leading BPM solution for the financial services industry and has helped investment banking and capital markets around the world deliver the following key benefits:

Reduced operational costs and improved efficiency

  • AWD is designed to deliver process automation while providing users with guidance and context for those processes that require human intervention.
  • With automation and streamlined processes in place, AWD will help you respond to changing market demands.

Regulatory compliance and risk reduction

  • AWD’s intuitive rules engine helps you define and apply consistent processes across your organization, assisting you with meeting regulatory and internal mandates while supporting due diligence and compliance.
  • Events are recorded in a full audit trail at all stages, helping to give you complete visibility over the processes that are critical to your business and to your investors.

Consolidated client experience

  • The trend toward internal operational shared service utilities and standardization of business processes is supported by AWD through high-level global flows with regional and local flexibility.

Global digital strategy

  • AWD helps you move toward customer self-service and a truly digital end-to-end process environment.

Learn more about how AWD is used by investment banking and capital market institutions to assist specific functions, including

Investment banking

Securities services

  • Custody
  • Fund Administration
  • Transfer Agency

Regulatory Compliance


Success as a broker/dealer hinges on one thing: the ability to achieve high satisfaction ratings from advisors.

Broker/dealers face a number of issues that can inhibit success, including:

  • Difficulty in managing numerous requests across many different platforms
  • Complicated account-opening processes
  • Inability to effectively audit and monitor customer engagements and interactions
  • Poor communication with advisors
  • Too many manual steps

The AWD Solution

AWD® can help to improve your operations and meet the highest expectations of advisors:

Operational Transparency
AWD provides real-time, interactive dashboards that give advisors the comfort of knowing the status of their requests. It also helps give operations managers the power to see what’s going on and take the appropriate action.

Work Allocation
Our rules-based routing helps ensure that the right work gets to the right person in the right priority.

Risk Control
AWD lets you route specific activity for quality reviews based on your business rules. It also lets you change those rules as needed, while providing a complete audit trail for compliance.
AWD has assisted broker/dealer operations around the world in achieving the following results:

  • Higher trade volumes
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased advisor service levels
  • Faster speed of transactions
  • Lower operational costs
  • Reductions in adjustments and corrections

The healthcare industry today is facing greater volumes, more regulations, and higher customer expectations than ever before. With administration becoming increasingly complex and costs continuing to rise, healthcare organizations are under increasing pressure to deliver exceptional customer service both cost effectively and efficiently.

To be successful, health plan administrators will need to:

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations

Claims processing administrators will need to:

  • Improve the quality and accuracy of claims processing
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

The AWD Solution
AWD® provides support for claims routing, quality audits, customer service, correspondence processing, and imaging. Our solution will help you to realize significant improvement in:

Work Allocation
Our rules-based routing ensures that the right work gets to the right person in the right priority.

Operational Transparency
AWD gives you the ability to continually monitor all aspects of your business. You’ll have the power to see what each employee is working on and how well individuals and departments are performing against their goals.

Risk Control
AWD helps ensure that work is performed accurately and in compliance with HIPAA laws and company guidelines. In addition, you’ll have the control you need to help avoid missteps and mistakes.

AWD gives you real-time operational efficiency for core administration systems through automation and continuous process improvement. That means AWD will help you to achieve:

  • Higher quality service
  • Reduced manual work
  • Improved accuracy of claims
  • Faster turnaround of claims
  • Better turnaround for provider payments

With many insurance operations running at a zero or negative margin, and with the rise of insurance aggregators, competition within the industry is stronger than ever. Those looking to differentiate themselves from the competition must be able to meet customer demands by delivering new products to market faster.

Selecting the right technology solution can give you that advantage - helping you control costs, meet customer expectations, achieve compliance with regulation, and stay ahead of the growing risk of collaborative fraud.

AWD helps allow you to apply continuous process improvement to claims and policy administration, customer on-boarding, and underwriting operations. AWD will also help you deal with customer interactions and complaints fairly and quickly, using consistent, recorded data, and help you anticipate and avoid regulatory breaches.

General Insurance

In today’s general insurance business, insurers and brokers alike face a number of ongoing challenges: fierce competition, commoditization of products, rising administrative costs, and increasing regulatory pressures. Competition for business is aggressive, with product prices squeezed to a point where many operations are running at a modest, or even negative margin.

Increasing regulation adds to the cost of compliance, and more sophisticated fraud activity results in lost revenue. In most general insurance operations, processes continue to be paper-based. Even where workflow technology has been introduced, its impact has often been limited by faulty execution. Meanwhile, customer expectation levels are higher than ever before. Anything short of same-day turnaround on correspondence and instant answers to telephone queries is considered unacceptable.

The AWD Solution
AWD® provides a proven, scalable business process management (BPM) solution that helps enable you to reduce the cost of managing work, improve regulatory compliance, and provide exceptional customer experiences. Used by leading insurers and brokers, AWD provides the ability to prioritize and distribute work electronically to the appropriate processing agents, while organizing and simplifying work activities. Users are guided through the process step-by-step, which improves skill levels and consistency. AWD provides management information to help team leaders and supervisors control and monitor the daily operation of processing work. In addition, AWD manages correspondence to and from customers and third parties via traditional mail, fax, email and SMS.

AWD can help deliver the following key benefits:

  • Improved audit capability to support compliance and help reduce breaches, therefore reducing operational risk and avoiding penalties for non-compliance.
  • Reduced costs through automation of labor-intensive tasks.
  • Prioritized allocation of work, enabling you to get the right work to the right person at the right time, increasing workforce productivity and minimizing waste.
  • Improved customer service which can lead to higher client retention and lower cost of acquisition.

Learn more about how AWD is used by insurers to assist specific functions including:


Life Insurance

Life insurers today face major challenges, including a dramatic rise in customer expectations and a significant increase in the number of financial services products available. Multi-channel communication is essential for the life insurance industry, especially during the claims process. Furthermore, effective management of resources must be maintained at an optimal level. Because complaints can occur at any stage of the life insurance lifecycle process, it’s critical to have a system in place to effectively manage and control those issues. At the same time, it’s important to maintain full compliance with industry regulations.

The AWD Solution
AWD® helps allow you to automate applications and renewals, resolve claims faster, and improve service to customers and agents. AWD is designed to offer you a comprehensive business-focused business process management (BPM) solution. With the ability to capture content from multiple channels, AWD automates the creation of client-specific and intermediary communication.

A seamless approach to customer service is key to retaining and increasing market share. AWD can help you achieve that goal by:

  • Complete control of workflow across business units with automated routing and prioritization for continuous process improvement while helping reduce operational cost.
  • Providing quick and easy access to customer information to support the on-boarding process and improve quality and speed of customer service to improve acquisition and drive retention.
  • Improved audit capability to support compliance and help reduce breaches, therefore reducing operational risk and avoiding penalties for non-compliance.

Learn more about how AWD is used by insurers to assist specific functions including:



To be successful as a provider in today’s retirement industry, you can’t afford to choose between driving process improvement and enhancing the customer experience. You must do both to deliver the services that plan sponsors value and expect.

Providers are facing a number of difficult issues, including:

  • A proliferation of aging platforms that are disjointed and poorly integrated
  • A lack of operational visibility complicated by product and process variation
  • A host of manual processes to mitigate gaps in functionality and technology
  • An inability to react quickly to changing dynamics
  • A workforce that feels disconnected and powerless to solve customers’ problems

Clearly, your single most valuable asset – representing up to 70% of your cost – is your people. That’s why it’s critical to understand exactly how your employees are spending their time – and, more important, whether or not their time is being spent on activities that clients intrinsically value.

The AWD Solution
Here’s what AWD® brings to the table to help you build a more powerful workforce:

Work Automation & Allocation
AWD’s user-oriented design places the implementation, use and management of the solution in the hands of the right people to accelerate speed to market. 

Ease of Integration
AWD offers dynamic and seamless integration with disparate platforms to help drive efficiency and consistency.

Risk Control
Our nimble and configurable approach helps you to adapt to the evolving business and regulatory environment.

Operational Transparency
The transparency you’ll achieve with AWD will help foster teamwork and give your people a sense empowerment. In addition, real-time access to data and analytics will drive key business decisions.

AWD helps connect the dots across all functional areas, including:

  • Sales and distribution — through all stages of the opportunity, from proposal to new-business win
  • Plan on-boarding and implementation
  • Payroll and census data management
  • Daily plan administration and transaction support
  • Customer service and relationship management activities
  • Compliance testing and reporting
  • Legal administration – document production, contracts
  • Marketing and participant communications
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Service request generation and production support
  • Technology release management
  • Introduction of new products and services

The real benefit to you is that your people will have the tools they need to meet performance expectations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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