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DST Bluedoor is a leading software company specializing in wealth management solutions and application tools designed to streamline administrative processes for companies offering products to the funds management and retirement savings markets. DST Bluedoor is part of DST’s International business and is currently operating in the Australian and UK market segments. Our wealth management solutions are designed to:

  • Transform the way financial products are delivered through administration and technology efficiency
  • Deliver innovative client service solutions
  • Introduce meaningful cost savings
  • Enable financial product manufacturers to deliver innovative products with rapid speed to market

Bluedoor is a technology platform used to administer the full suite of wealth management and retirement savings products including:

  • Defined contribution and defined benefit plans
  • Annuity and pension products
  • Personal wealth investments such as retail and wholesale unit trusts/mutual funds
  • Platform/wrap account products

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Opendoor is a technology solution offering a single client view across any number of enterprise registry and transfer agency systems enabling Wealth Managers to:

  • Introduce a consistent digital strategy across the whole product range
  • Leverage data across multiple systems to provide precise and consistent Management Information
  • Capture customer insights, new sales opportunities and deliver marketing strategies aimed at an investor's holistic position

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The Bluedoor wealth management solution was launched in 2006 and first put into production in 2007.  Since our inception, Bluedoor has been established as the leading registry system in Australia and has been selected by tier one financial institutions, industry superannuation funds and third party administrators both in Australia and the United Kingdom. The team responsible for the management and development of the DST Bluedoor solutions has extensive superannuation, pension, managed funds, system development and implementation experience having worked in financial services for more than 25 years.  

The Bluedoor solution is a multi-product platform that enables superannuation, pension products, insurance and managed funds to be operated in one seamless integrated system.  The catalyst for the design and development of the Bluedoor solution was the realization that no software provider was addressing the inefficient administration processes and growing IT costs for the Australian Wealth Management market.  Providers had little choice but to utilize a combination of legacy administration systems developed prior to the evolvement of e-commerce and the internet for business and add on a number of disparate specialized systems to deliver administration services which have delivered minimal automation and created significant ongoing integration overheads.  

Further to the development of Bluedoor DST established Opendoor in response to providing a migration strategy for clients where multiple products, web front-ends and back office systems existed.  Opendoor is a web based platform designed to integrate a number of back office registry systems and/or products including Bluedoor, manage enterprise data and deliver management information, provide a single client view and transaction capability across multiple systems and products.  

DST Bluedoor continues to invest and innovate to address the wealth management industries ongoing operational and service needs.

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