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The Opendoor Solution

Opendoor is a web based platform designed specifically for wealth management institutions.  It provides seamless integration of multiple enterprise wide systems into one common platform delivering a unique single customer experience.   Opendoor enables end customers to access a complete suite of products and services through multiple channels including: web, mobile and client specific user interfaces.

wheelOpendoor Components

Opendoor is made up of a series of components that may be used and implemented across enterprise. They include:

  • Public and secure websites for investor, adviser, administrator, customer contact centre, there is no limit to the number of user interfaces
  • Fully integrated straight through processing and workflow management across multiple systems
  • Fully integrated web content management for public and secure web sites
  • Account information and transactional capability via mobile devices including Tablet and Smart Phones
  • Centralised Data Warehousing for management information/reporting purposes
  • Imaging, Intelligent Character Recognition and Automated Workflow that enables multi-step processes across multiple systems
  • High quality correspondence production
  • Investor/adviser ad-hoc reporting and queries  
  • Flexible configuration of product rules, workflow, ICR, correspondence and reporting
  • 24/7 online and batch operations
  • Client Relationship Management capabilities providing insights into customer behaviour and forging new opportunities

By implementing Opendoor companies will be able to:  

  • Introduce real-time and flat file transaction processing across multiple business systems
  • Manage all channels of communications to all stakeholders including:  web, mobile device, electronic and physical mail, call centre, chat sessions and social media
  • Collect track and report critical management information
  • Implement effective targeted marketing based on individual circumstances, leveraging all available communications channels
  • Orchestrate transactions across multiple product systems thereby creating products that leverage investment in existing technologies
  • Provide a single customer view that draws on centralised content management and deploys to multiple devices

Features of Opendoor include:

  • Consolidated View Across Your Business.
  • Develop and maintain an accurate, holistic and dynamic web portal with secure access to enterprise wide data across multiple products and systems.

Process Optimisation

  • Increase business process efficiency using single data entry and validation across multiple product systems and platforms.  Reduce operating costs and accelerate services and administration process times.

Componentised Architecture

  • With a flexible web based architecture Opendoor is a highly scalable and flexible wealth management platform that enables clients to efficiently launch new products.

Flexible Access

  • Flexible online access to consolidated data, securely assign multiple users including administrators, advisers and call centre operators.

Mobile Connectivity

  • Secure access to data for mobile devices such as Tablet and Smart Phones.

Centralised Content Management

  • Dynamic integration with feature rich content management system that presents to multiple channels, systems and devices.

chartThe Industry Challenge

Organisations accumulate a number of disparate product, systems and technologies, whether a result of mergers and acquisitions or internal investment.   This results in a number of industry challenges including:

Industry challenge

Opendoor Solution

More sophisticated investors and distribution channels demand for a holistic financial view and reporting capability including investments, liabilities and insurances Develop and maintain an accurate, holistic and dynamic "360°" single customer  view with secure access to enterprise wide data across multiple products, systems and technologies.
Disparate and inconsistent Management Information  Facilitate the exchange of enterprise wide data and transaction records by enabling a central store of data across management information systems. 
Workflow across multiple business units and systems Increase business process efficiency - with single data entry and validation across multiple product systems and platforms.  Opendoor clients will reduce operating costs and accelerate service and administration process times.
Maintenance of organisation marketing content for delivery to multiple communication channels Reduce cost of maintenance and disclosure risk through a centralised content management solution capable of deploying to multiple devices/sites/screen resolutions. 
Customer Insight, Client Relationship Management Capture investor trends, establish targeted marketing campaigns and allow your business to analyse and respond to investor emerging needs ahead of your competition. Take advantage of all cross selling opportunities.

Opendoor provides the gateway to access enterprise wide information and transaction functionality by enabling a single point of connectivity across management information systems creating a “360° View” of the customer.

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