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bluedoorAt DST Bluedoor we encourage and reward our workforce to find smarter ways of doing business for the benefit of our clients and ourselves. We believe that our success comes from achieving our client’s business goals through maintaining exceptional delivery standards whilst enjoying the journey along the way. DST Bluedoor is a company where you can develop your expertise in several fields and allows you to work with a diverse group of people in a stimulating environment.

DST Bluedoors recruitment process is a three stage process that requires candidates to demonstrate their technical and personable skills.

Application Phase

Applicants interested in a specific position with the organisation should initially apply by uploading their resume’ under the ‘Apply Now’ link on this page. Once your resume’ has been uploaded the DST Bluedoor Recruitment team will determine if the applicant has the qualifications and experience that aligns with what the organisation is looking for at any specific time. After this initial screening phase successful applicants will then be notified on whether they have made it through to our initial test phase.

Initial Test

Prior to interviews successful applicants will be asked to sit a standardised psychometric test. The test is a standardised assessment that covers technical aspects that will be needed to work at DST Bluedoor and personality questions to see how the potential candidate will fit into the DST Bluedoor culture.

Interview Process

The initial interview will cover general questions in regards to the candidate’s previous work experience, industry experience, behavioural type questions and technical questions that are required to successfully fulfil the requirements of any specific role. An overview of the role and expectations will be covered and discussed between the candidate and interviewers.

If the candidate is successful they will be offered a second interview for further in depth discussions in regards to the duties of the role and whether it is the right fit for both parties. Ultimately it is likely that your manager will be conducting this interview, which will allow for specific questions to be covered from both parties. Recommendations for hire will only be made to candidates who have successfully completed all three tiers of recruitment.

At DST Bluedoor we seek to find individuals who strive to make a difference not only to our organisational goals but to also develop their own skill set and help their fellow colleagues grow in the process.

What We Look For

At DST Bluedoor, we are looking for people who are:

  • Wanting a new challenge with their careers
  • Ready to take the next big step, are ambitious and self-driven
  • Able to work effectively, autonomously and within a team environment
  • Able to take constructive criticism and turn it into a positive
  • Always looking to learn and share something new with peers
  • Ability to deliver on large scale projects under tight deadlines
  • Strive for perfection in all aspects of your role

Roles Available

At DST Bluedoor we offer roles under the following job families:


Business Analysts

Technical Project Managers

Business Project Managers

Technical Development Leads

Performance Testers

Quality Assurance Leads

Quality Assurance Testers

Regression Testers

Recruitment Administrators


Network Administration 

Business Development Managers

Technical Service Managers

Compliance Analysts

Project Management Administrators

Release Managers

At DST Bluedoor, we are always looking to develop our employee’s knowledge base in regards to the specific industry clients we cater to through specialised training courses in superannuation, compliance and system training.

Induction & Upskilling

DST Bluedoor provides induction training to all new employees in a bid to fast track their knowledge of all organisational processes and standards that we regard as necessary to the overall success of the company. Upskilling is also undertaken in incremental periods, which allows employees to continue to build and maintain a steady knowledge base of new internal practices.


DST Bluedoor also offers compliance training as part of the induction process into the company. Compliance training covers all aspects of Australian and UK Retirement savings legislation and reforms that affect DST Bluedoors operations.

Systems Training

DST Bluedoor also provides onsite system and functional training. This is an essential part of new employees training as it helps fast track employee’s knowledge in regards to our system, processes and protocols when working on client projects.


At DST Bluedoor we believe it’s really the people that make the company what it is. We hire people who are smart and determined and who look to make a positive impact with their time here. We hire a diverse range of individuals from all walks of life as we are a global company that believes in equal opportunities. We strive to maintain a positive working environment that encompasses our company’s values and beliefs.

Growing Industry

The Superannuation and Wealth Management industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries that offers opportunities for DST Bluedoor employees to work and develop their skills in an exciting, fast paced environment.


DST Bluedoors graduate program is a new initiative that was brought in this year to attract an influx of youth to the organisation. We are currently attending university career days in a bid to find talented and driven individuals who are looking for graduate roles in a flourishing industry. Applications for graduate roles will be opening soon.


DST Bluedoor is currently looking at offering an Internship program for current university students who are looking to gain real-life experience that directly correlates to their field of study. For more information in regards to our internships program please enquire through our recruitment inbox.

To apply for any of the roles available please upload your resume’ to the corresponding links below. Or for further information please feel free to contact our recruitment team through either of the following links.

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