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bluedoorBluedoor was established to develop and take to market an innovative straight through processing solution that would provide a transformational change in operational efficiency, significantly enhance client servicing and provide rapid and flexible product deployment for institutions.  Bluedoor is a multi-product platform that enables superannuation, pension products and managed funds to be operated in one integrated system.   


Bluedoor is a fully integrated Wealth Management solution that delivers comprehensive investment functionality for today's investors—all from one system. This allows providers to eliminate numerous single purpose systems that require costly integration, ongoing remediation and maintenance. A major strength of Bluedoor is the seamless integration of all its components that can be orchestrated to deliver high levels of efficiency through every administration process from end to end.

Every opportunity to automate and enable true Straight-Through-Processing is utilized to maximize our client's efficiency gains. Bluedoor enables an exception based administration model to be adopted by its clients, where human intervention is only required to deal with exceptions rather than being required as a rule. The Bluedoor application includes the following components which are all licensed within the one system:

Administration Registry

The transaction functionality is comprehensive and covers all transaction types including:  new investor/applications, investment choice, contributions, withdrawals, transfers between institutions, insurance, fees, statement production, distribution channel and advisor management, etc. In addition, Bluedoor has real time direct equity trading functionality and fixed interest STP capability. 

Web Portal

A browser based application providing full internet capability on a 24/7 real-time basis. Advisors, investors and employers can access a full range of registry transactions and self-serve processes.  


This component provides for the automated capture of documents, including incoming, outbound and ad-hoc correspondence.


A fully integrated workflow system that includes automated process management, flexible rules configuration and statistical reporting. Workflow drives every administrative process from end-to-end.

Intelligent character recognition (ICR)

Provides automated data capture from scanned documents and updates system transactions and processes.


Extract data and design user friendly output for all correspondence and reports.


This testing module enables scripts to be developed as a by-product of the development process; full test record and replay capability exists.  

Configuration Utility

Clients are able to establish product rules, correspondence, reports, ICR forms, and workflow configuration independently.

Batch Job Diary

This component enables Jobs to be scheduled and run 24/7 with lights off operation.  Bluedoor operate single or multi-threaded processes which delivers more efficient use of hardware.


The Conversion utility provides for cleansing, validation and loading of data utilizing Bluedoor’s XML structure.

Query Tool

Bluedoor’s data objects are accessible for inquiry and ad-hoc reporting utilizing the core reporting engine.

chartUntil now, product manufacturers, fund administrators and asset managers have generally had to make do with administration and registry packages developed for specific purposes—requiring costly integration between multiple solutions. Often, data is not fully integrated in one place, and the promised efficiencies are never realized because the proposed projects are too demanding, expensive or time-consuming to implement. This then results in the desired business requirements being scaled back.

Bluedoor was developed from the ground up without any underlying legacy architecture and designed to help transform businesses, changing the status quo. The approach was to start from a clean sheet of paper, providing the opportunity to address industry concerns in relation to cost, automation and integration, access, functionality and product flexibility. Bluedoor is designed to deliver transformational change through an integrated end-to-end solution that facilitates innovative client service solutions while introducing meaningful cost savings for the investment management industry.

Bluedoor achieves transformational change by:

  • Replacing multiple applications with a single integrated platform solution
  • Improving customer service while improving efficiency and cutting costs
  • Providing customers with easy web access and flexibility
  • Streamlining processes and increasing efficiencies
  • Promoting new product launches easily and cost-effectively
  • Reducing technology costs and risks while enhancing reliability and service levels
  • Offering our clients' customers comprehensive reporting, enquiry and live update 24/7

Bluedoor Superstream

Bluedoor SuperStream is a new application to help financial institutions and fund administrators deal with the Australian government's SuperStream reforms. 

“SuperStream is a package of measures designed to bring the back office of superannuation into the 21st century.  Its key components are the increased use of technology, uniform data standards, use of the tax file number (social security) as a key identifier and the straight through processing of superannuation transactions”.  Cooper Review, 2010

Bluedoor SuperStream delivers SuperStream messaging connectivity to any number of third party Superannuation Administration Systems.

  • Through Bluedoor SuperStream Funds can send and receive messages in compliance with SuperStream data standards (SBR/XBRL, ebMS3/AS4)
  • Adapters have been created so that Bluedoor SuperStream can connect to any other registry system without the need for system alterations
  • Bluedoor SuperStream will transform messages to SuperStream Standards, provides for guaranteed message delivery and automated error handling procedures configured for Fund specific business rules
  • Bluedoor SuperStream can convert any file format that the Funds registry system produces to SuperStream compliant formats
  • Bluedoor SuperStream also provides clients with the ability to act as an independent Clearing House; receiving contributions and payment files and forwarding fund choice contributions and payments to the nominated superannuation funds through the SuperStream Network and the Banking System. 

Mobile Apps

With the rapid acceleration of mobile banking within the  financial services industry, wealth managers and retirement savings specialists are seeking to re-engage with their clients and secure existing and new revenue streams.  The delivery of Bluedoor mobile applications provide clients with the ability to offer a range of additional services via intuitive mobile devices that improves the client experience and reduces the cost to serve. By introducing mobile applications, investors will benefit from access to their transaction information and investment portfolio reporting, can be engaged through automated CRM campaigns and access fund and product information. DST has launched two mobile applications, a Smart Phone Invest App and a Tablet Adviser App.

The Smart Phone App allows investors to:

  • Perform transactions on their account
  • View their account balance and transaction history
  • View graphs and charts of their investments
  • Modify their investment instructions
  • Update their personal details
  • View news and information on investment opportunities

The Tablet App allows financial advisers to:

  • Perform transactions
  • View the account balance and transaction history of their clients
  • View graphs and charts of the clients' investments
  • Access client documentation and correspondence
  • Generate reports
  • Generate investment scenarios
  • Access client details and phone numbers
  • View news and information on investment opportunities
  • Be used in a connected or unconnected state


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