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A smarter way to track financial advisors, sales flows and AUM, SalesConnect helps identify and service intermediaries. SalesConnect combines sales reporting and client relationship management software with a trade resolution and data management service to help ensure accurate and timely data is available to participating fund families.

Our focus is on providing asset managers with business-critical information on financial intermediaries, including reconciling their trades and asset positions. This often under-serviced task improves the accuracy of sales information that fuels downstream reporting and decision making. Our data scrubbing team is the largest and most experienced in the industry. The information in our universal database is unmatched by our competitors. We can tackle the most difficult challenges, including those associated with:

  • Advisors in transition
  • Firm mergers
  • Trading through clearing firms and omnibus accounts.

Data management services include:

  • Populating branch and advisor information on the TA2000® FID (Financial Intermediary Database) and your client-specific SalesConnect database
  • Reconciling trades and asset positions – regardless of recordkeeping source – to the underlying firm, office and advisor
  • Researching and processing office and financial advisor maintenance requests
  • Providing access to the scrubbed information through either a web front end or daily transmission of data files.

Our innovative approach to improving data quality throughout your organization starts at the recordkeeping source. SalesConnect is uniquely positioned to populate valid branch and advisor information on both TA2000 FID and your shareholder accounts.

The benefits of this approach can include:

  • Reduced returned mail (dealer statements)
  • More accurate commission payouts
  • Improved reporting (PowerSelect™)
  • Better experience for financial advisors using DST Vision® and FAN Mail®

Boost productivity with reporting tools for novice users and advanced data analysts alike. We offer flexible reporting tools to meet the diverse needs of novice online users and advanced data analysts. Whether the need is intuitive online searches, report and data exports, sophisticated queries or comprehensive data files, our Sales and Asset Reporting team has a solution.

Our web interface offers quick and easy online viewing, including:

  • Basic searches: intuitive capabilities at the firm, office and advisor levels
  • Advanced searches: a powerful option for identifying a target population of advisors based on more in-depth data elements
  • Free-form queries at the firm, office and advisor levels
  • More than 50 standard and/or customized reports that can be scheduled and emailed
  • Search results and reports that can be output in either PDF or CSV format

Specifically designed for clients without a data warehouse, our reporting database is a real-time copy of the production database. The reporting database:

  • Supports advanced querying
  • Can be accessed with the same desktop reporting software and connectivity you use with TA2000’s ad hoc reporting tool (PowerSelect™)
  • Provides the unique opportunity to combine SalesConnect data with core data from PowerSelect™

You can use our comprehensive daily data files to update a downstream data warehouse or customer relationship management (CRM) system with:

  • Scrubbed trades
  • Scrubbed asset positions
  • Firm, office and advisor maintenance

We offer an embedded client relationship management (CRM) solution, or we can integrate with a third-party CRM system of your choosing.

Our fully embedded CRM delivers these features and benefits:

  • A DST-hosted CRM application in conjunction with SalesPage Technologies, a third-party provider of CRM solutions
  • Specifically designed for asset managers who distribute products through financial advisors
  • Fully integrated with our data management service so your sales and marketing teams have current contact and sales information
  • Upgradeable to the latest timesaving features without investment in hardware or software
  • Single vendor relationship
  • Single platform/database for data management, sales reporting and CRM.

CRM-related features include:

  • Contact management
  • Calendar and activity tracking
  • Campaign management
  • Literature order and tracking
  • Channel and territory assignments
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Mobile device access
  • Online queries and reports.

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