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Applied Analytics

Applied Analytics Group

DST's Applied Analytics Group exists to assist clients in creating value from data across their organization through the creation of actionable insights.

We leverage deep industry experience across technology, data, analytics, marketing, and sales to design solutions that inform strategy through action. Our proven methodologies help you quickly and accurately realize results that deliver superior ROI.

Professional Services from our Applied Analytics Group include data and insight strategy development, data auditing, insight creation and customer engagement. Visit our Professional Services tab to learn more about our approach.
Our Data Science and Development arm enriches existing DST solutions through the incorporation of analytical capabilities, bringing scale and accessibility to industry solutions. Visit our Product Enhancements tab to learn more.


Compete With Analytics

Today, organizations must navigate an increasingly complex world of blended technologies, rapidly changing customer focus, and an expanding universe of data. For an actionable view of what is happening today and what may happen in the future, organizations need to be able to access timely, accurate and reliable data and have the skills and experience to identify key insights.

Leading companies turn to experienced and trusted advisors to help define the best approaches and solutions to meet their business goals – whether that is help with strategy and planning or tactical project execution. Our experts can help elevate and differentiate your strategic direction from your competitors.

Professional Services

Data has the power to transform business decisions, enhance customer relationships, and create new opportunities – but only if it is accurate and you know how to make sense of it. Whether it is a business, technology or operations challenge, Professional Services from DST’s Applied Analytics Group can provide you with the capabilities to deliver or accelerate data and insight initiatives.  


Creating Data Value





Many organizations are unprepared to harvest the insights that lie within their data. We leverage DST’s domain expertise and data science to help you align business objectives with a strategic data analytics roadmap – outlining the key steps and resources that are needed to transform your business’ use of data.

Getting Data Ready

The first step in executing an analytics strategy is ensuring data is accurate and accessible in a central, well governed location. With our unique perspective on industry data, the Applied Analytics Group can assist you in designing an internal platform, or we can provide you with a robust analytical data warehouse and platform – hosted and supported by DST. 


Our Data Scientists and consultants can work with you to design and implement custom analytical models to identify insights and optimize business operations.


The insights extracted from data are used to better serve your customers. The Applied Analytics Group provides fully automated engagement programs that guide customers through a multi-channel journey to achieve desired objectives.

Product Enhancements

We apply analytics to existing DST solutions to help our clients increase efficiency and engagement while reducing risk.

 SalesConnect™ Enterprise is an existing DST solution that shows how investment dollars stay or move between advisors and investment products. The first product enhancement from the Applied Analytics group is a series of models that optimize the targeting of mutual fund distributor’s sales and marketing efforts. This solution is called Predictive Wholesaling.

Our Team

With 130 associates in the U.S. and EMEA, the Applied Analytics Group brings together a wide range of talent and experience from within DST and leading analytical organizations. Our growing team of associates includes data scientists, analysts, technologists, marketers, communications professionals, behavioral practitioners, consultants and agency creative talent.

A. EDWARD ALLINSONKyle Mallot, Vice President

Kyle Mallot is Vice President and is responsible for DST's Applied Analytics Group. In that role he leads the company's sophisticated analytics and "big data" initiatives. The Applied Analytics Group includes DST's customer engagement agency located in the UK and the U.S. He is also responsible for product development and strategy for Distribution Solutions, which includes SalesConnect™, WalletShare, and Asset Persistency. Prior to assuming his current role, Mr. Mallot, a DST associate for more than 20 years, was responsible for identifying and establishing new businesses within DST's U.S. Investment Record Keeping Division (now known as DST Asset Management Solutions). During his DST career, Mr. Mallot has played a leadership role in the development of products that have become business solutions for companies across the financial services industry. Before joining DST, Mr. Mallot spent several years in the financial services industry as an advisor with a regional and national full-service broker/dealer. Mr. Mallot earned a Marketing degree from the University of Central Missouri. He represents DST on various outside boards, including the Salvation Army and KC Next.

A. EDWARD ALLINSONDaniel Cross, Vice President, Customer Engagement

Daniel Cross is Vice President, Customer Engagement, for DST's Applied Analytics Group. He is responsible for developing and leading the company’s professional services offering in North America, providing advanced insight and customer engagement services to DST's clients.

An analytics professional with more than 16 years’ experience designing and delivering analysis-driven solutions for businesses in the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions, Mr. Cross was a founder of the Lateral Group, a leading UK agency acquired by DST in 2011.

 Mr. Cross has earned a Bachelor of Commerce with Honors from the University of Otago in New Zealand and an MBA from the London Business School.

LOWELL L. BRYANJohn Young, PhD, Vice President, Development and Data Science

John Young, PhD is Vice President of Development and Data Science for DST's Applied Analytics Group. In that role, Dr. Young is responsible for providing DST clients with access to cutting-edge skills and technologies, including Big Data analytic solutions and platforms, advanced analytic and data enhancement techniques, and vertical specific product development.

With more than 15 years' experience providing quantitative support to executive decision makers, Dr. Young has deep analytic expertise in data mining, analytic systems, machine learning algorithms, business intelligence, and applying analytic tools to strategically solve industry problems in a cross-functional business.Before joining the DST Applied Analytics Group, Dr. Young was Vice President of Product Analytics for Networked Insights, Inc., an analytics software company headquartered in Chicago. While there, he helped leading brands like CBS, Cisco, and GE make marketing decisions based on deep analytics. Prior to Network Insights, he was responsible for establishing the analytics group at Adknowledge, a performance-based advertising network that utilizes powerful predictive technology to connect advertisers with consumers across multiple channels.

Dr. Young graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a PhD in Applied Statistics after receiving Bachelor degrees in Psychology and Mathematics and a Master's degree in Applied Statistics.

STEPHEN C. HOOLEYJeff Larison, Vice President, Sales

Jeff Larison is Vice President of Sales for DST's Applied Analytics Group in North America. In that role, he oversees business development and customer relationships, working closely with DST's clients to ensure they understand the unique value of partnering with the Applied Analytics Group.

Mr. Larison's background includes 10 years of experience leading consulting and data-driven initiatives for large, complex Information Technology implementations. Before joining DST's Applied Analytics Group, he was a lead sales executive for Amdocs, a market leader in software and services for service providers in the communications, media, and entertainment industries. Prior to Amdocs, he worked for Alcatel-Lucent, where he served as a senior sales executive for the Sprint Customer Team.

A graduate of Kansas State University with Bachelor of Science degrees in Management and in Marketing/International Business, Mr. Larison earned a Master of Business Administration from Baker University.


Jeremy Fisher, Director, Software Systems and Machine Learning

Jeremy Fisher is Director of Software Systems and Machine Learning for DST's Applied Analytics Group. His responsibilities include ensuring that DST has the skills, processes, and the technology to deliver on its vision for commercializing Big Data and deep analytics.

Mr. Fisher has spent most of his career in advertising and media, and has a long history of agile execution and Internet-scale architectures. Before joining DST in 2013, Mr. Fisher was a Group Technical Director at Kansas City-based VML, a leading digital marketing agency, where he oversaw all agency consulting, staffing, and execution of ambitious technology projects for brands like Gatorade, Revlon, and Southwest Airlines.

Previously, Mr. Fisher ran digital marketing company Adknowledge's advertiser bidding and campaign platform, an AdWords-like ad network that served billions of searches and processed millions of clicks and conversions every day. His previous work includes complex, high-scale web deployments such as,,, and

SAMUEL G. LISSAnne Brown, Head of Operations

Anne Brown is the Head of Operations for DST's Applied Analytics Group, responsible for the groups' internal operations. In that role, she oversees technology, data management, project management, data science, and campaign operations.

Ms. Brown, a certified Project Management Professional through the Project Management Institute, has over 15 years' experience helping digital marketing agencies embrace strategic operations solutions to successfully deliver client engagements. Prior to joining DST, she was Group Program Director at VML, a leading digital marketing agency, where her most recent clients included American Century Investments, Assurant Health, Gaiam, and Southwest Airlines.

A graduate of Michigan State University with a B.A. in English, Ms. Brown received her MBA in Marketing, Economics, and Information Systems from Loyola University. She has received the designation of Executive Scholar from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.


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